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The career option in chemistry is infinite. Chemistry is a multidisciplinary subject with widely spread branches – analytical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, catalysis, chemical technology, environmental chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, pharmaceuticals, polymer chemistry, materials science, astrochemistry, food chemistry, geochemistry, surface chemistry; this is a never ending list. Chemistry works in all fields, hence by opting chemistry as one of your core subjects opens wide channels of career opportunities.

The employment option depends on the level of education. A school level chemistry is not of any help, it just helps to wash glass wares or assist in preparation of chemical solutions. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is the minimum educational requirement. Job growth will occur in professional, scientific, and technical services firms as manufacturing companies continue to outsource their research and development and testing operations to these smaller, specialized firms. Graduates with a master’s degree, and particularly those with a Ph.D., will enjoy better opportunities.

Many employers prefer chemists and materials scientists with a Ph.D., or at least a master’s degree, to lead basic and applied research. Within materials science, a broad background in various sciences is preferred. This broad base may be obtained through degrees in physics, engineering, or chemistry. Although many companies prefer hiring Ph.D.s, some may employ materials scientists with bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Career trends-

Chemistry job market has always remained consistent. The need for chemistry professionals have been constantly increasing. According to a report by EzineArticles, the major chemistry jobs will remain in R&D. The purpose of these positions is to have the chemist create new products and processes. With the growing technology and new effective products coming in market each day, there is need for more number of scientists to create and study the new products.

The report also say that chemistry jobs is not confined to the laboratory, the chemist will be a part of the big team that include variety of specialties, engineers, computer specialties, and other scientific fields such as biology. With the growing area of R&D, the chemists form an important part of all important areas.

To achieve a successful career in chemistry, it is important to have advanced degree with specializations. The specialization categories include –organic, inorganic, biochemistry, analytical chemistry etc.
The future of many industries has faded, but the trends in chemistry remains stable. Greater success can be achieved with higher degree and specialization.

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Best courses offered in chemistry

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