Oil & gas, energy and chemicals outlook in 2017

Oil & gas, energy and chemicals outlook in 2017

oil-gas-chemicals-outlookFor the year 2017, the oil & gas, energy and chemical industries must grapple with an uncertainty that stems from various factors including the OPEC deal, Donald Trump’s election, Brexit, slowing emerging economies, electric vehicles, and new regulations. The ADI team has assessed these factors and uncertainties in our outlook for 2017. Oil prices have recovered following the OPEC deal that Russia has joined too to cut output although its too early to say if the deal’s contribution. Read More

Kirloskar to use Honeywell’s eco-friendly refrigerant for its chillers

kirloskar-honeywellNEW DELHI, INDIA: Honeywell International Inc (NYSE: HON) said that Kirloskar Chillers, part of the Kirloskar Group, a Pune-based engineering conglomerate, is using Honeywell’s Solstice ze (R-1234ze(E)) refrigerant in its new line of chillers manufactured in India. The chillers, which are large central air conditioning units, are now available for installation in both industrial and commercial buildings in India, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. Solstice ze is an environmentally. Read More

Metamaterial Technologies, Airbus partner to develop laser protection product

covestro-mti-airbusLEVERKUSEN, GERMANY: Metamaterial Technologies Inc (MTI) and its optical filters division, Lamda Guard has entered into a new agreement with leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus to validate, certify, and commercialise its laser protection product metaAIR, for aviation. In 2014, MTI signed its first agreement with Airbus to test and tailor metaAIR, which is a flexible metamaterial optical filter, engineered to protect vision against harmful laser beams aimed at aircraft. Read More

Seal of safety on global food market

equipment-food-safety-1In an interview, Robert Packer, Portfolio Director – IR, Discovery and Analytical Sciences, PerkinElmer Inc with Chemical Today magazine elaborates on the various parameters of food safety testing market that ensures the quality of food. He also talks about some of the latest technologies on board which has taken food safety to the next level. It is not surprising considering the huge economic consequences that a food safety recall can have on a food company that they are choosing to invest. Read More


How does salt lower the freezing point of water?

How does salt lower the freezing point of water?

snow-roadsWhen you are making ice cream, the temperature around the ice cream mixture needs to be lower than 32 F if you want the mixture to freeze.Salt mixed with ice creates a brine that has a temperature lower than 32 F. When you add salt to the ice water, you lower the melting temperature of the ice down to 0 F or so. The brine is so cold that it easily freezes the ice cream mixture. But what about the places like Antarctica, Greenland, and Canada the fresh water in the air freezes to snow and falls. Read More

Particle Works develops new range of high-performance quantum dots

particle-works-quantum-dotsROYSTON, UK: Particle Works, a world leader in the synthesis of nano- and microparticle materials has developed a range of high-quality quantum dots for use in diagnostic, biomedical and optoelectronic applications. Available with a range of functional coatings, these high-performance quantum dots offer unmatched colour purity and unbeatable value. Particle Works is a brand of Blacktrace Holdings Ltd. The optical properties of quantum dots are determined by their size, shape and structure. Read More

Chemical detection technology market report 2016 – 2026

safety-watch-marketsChemical detection technology is used to detect chemical agents (CA), toxic industrial chemicals (TIC), and toxic industrial materials (TIM). Chemical detection technologies play a vital important role in the monitoring of chemical plants and industries. Incidents from the past like Bhopal gas tragedy have triggered the alarm in the chemical industry to use top quality and reliable chemical detection technology. Furthermore, a rise in threat from terrorist organizations across the world. Read More

Covestro polycarbonate used to make precision nocks for archers

covestro-archeryLEVERKUSEN, GERMANY: The bowstring is drawn back, the bow arches under the tension and the arrow speeds to the target. Archery is a sport that’s all about precision, which is why bow and arrow technology is continuously evolving. That also applies to the nock of an arrow – the notched tip that briefly clasps the bowstring before the tension of the drawn bow is released and the arrow takes flight. It’s the central point where tremendous energy is directly transferred to the arrow. Read More

Slimming food ingredients global analysis & forecast for 2016 – 2026

Slimming food ingredients global analysis & forecast for 2016 – 2026

report-slimming-food-ingredientsSlimming food ingredients refers to the ingredients that help in managing the appetite, weight gain, enhances the metabolic function, and helps in preventing the obesity conditions. It comprises various low-calorie sweeteners, natural sugar substitutes, polyols, artificial sugar substitutes, protein powders, protein fractions, carbohydrates, and other ingredients such as minerals, iron, and colostrum, according to Persistence Market Research. Slimming food ingredients market provides ingredients. Read More

Evonik presents 7 formulation solutions specially for tattooed skin

evonik-tattoo-solutionESSEN, GERMANY: Tattoos last a lifetime. To keep their colours vibrant for as long as that, maintenance is important. Without the right care for tattooed skin, a tattoo may fade and lose its brilliant colours. In its Tattoo Care concept, Evonik Industries AG offers seven formulation solutions based on its own raw materials that protect and nurture the skin before and after tattooing. Every fifth American now has a tattoo, as do about 60 million Europeans, and this colourful body decoration. Read More

Challenges and policies in the European Chlor-alkali industry

international-focus-european-chlor-alkali-industryIn an interview, Dolf van Wijk, Executive Director, Euro Chlor, a division of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) with Chemical Today magazine speaks about the trends, challenges and policies in the European Chlor-alkali industry. Chlorine gas, caustic soda and hydrogen are the three basic substances that our industry produces, based on a solution of common salt (sodium chloride) in water through which an electric current is passed (a common process which you may remember. Read More

Tiny plants with huge potential

green-chemistry-duckweed-1Researchers at the University Jena (Germany), together with colleagues in India and Germany, have investigated the potential of various duckweeds as a human food source. The results, which are very promising, have been published under the title ‘Nutritional value of duckweeds (Lemnaceae) as human food’ in the leading journal ‘Food Chemistry‘. “Duckweeds can definitely serve as a source of protein in human nutrition,” said prof Gerhard Jahreis of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Read More

4-stroke engine cycle produces hydrogen from methane, captures CO2

4-stroke engine cycle produces hydrogen from methane, captures CO2

georgia-institute-champ-1NORTH AVENUE, US: When is an internal combustion engine not an internal combustion engine? When it’s been transformed into a modular reforming reactor that could make hydrogen available to power fuel cells wherever there’s a natural gas supply available. By adding a catalyst, a hydrogen separating membrane and carbon dioxide sorbent to the century-old four-stroke engine cycle, researchers have demonstrated a laboratory-scale hydrogen reforming system. Read More

Invoking the spirit of chemical engineering in young students

event-coverage-curtain-raiser-1AZeotropy, the annual convention of IIT Bombay’s Chemical Engineering department signifies the bond between the chemical industry and academia. It invokes the spirit of Chemical Engineering in young students from all corners of India and involves a blend of competitions, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and many fun learning events. This annual event attracts more than 200 colleges and 50+ industrialists. Started in 2007 as a small event with few lectures, it has snowballed. Read More

Molecular phenomenon discovered by advanced NMR facility

university-of-warwick-nmr-facility-1COVENTRY, UK: Cutting edge technology has shown a molecule self-assembling into different forms when passing between solution state to solid state, and back again – a curious phenomenon in science – said research by the University of Warwick. Professor Steven Brown from the Department of Physics, with colleagues in the Department of Chemistry, have identified that the supramolecular structure of a guanosine derivative can be different upon passing from the solid state. Read More

‘Outside In’ house springs to life with Pantone colour of the year

pantone-outside-in-house-1LONDON, UK: Airbnb and Pantone Inc have come together to unveil a transformational experience that will be available to guests from all around the world. The ‘Outside In’ house, hosted by the world-renowned authority on colour, Pantone will provide an antidote and encourage all those who enter it with fresh optimism and excitement. Bringing to life Pantone 15-0343 Greenery, the Pantone colour of the year 2017, a home in London has undergone a stunning metamorphosis. Read More

Scientists develop world’s strongest material, graphene from soybean

Scientists develop world’s strongest material, graphene from soybean

csiro-graphene-soybean-1CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: Graphene is a carbon material that is one atom thick. It’s thin composition and high conductivity means it is used in applications ranging from miniaturised electronics to biomedical devices. These properties also enable thinner wire connections; providing extensive benefits for computers, solar panels, batteries, sensors and other devices. Until now, the high cost of graphene production has been the major roadblock in its commercialization. Read More

Pantone unveils 2017 colour of the year: 15-0343 Greenery

pantone-color-of-the-yearCARLSTADT, US: Pantone Inc, a global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries, has unveiled PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery as its colour of the year selection for 2017. PANTONE 15-0343 Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Illustrative of flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, the fortifying attributes of Greenery. Read More

Cell-infused gloves, bandages light up when in contact with certain chemicals

mit-light-up-glovesCAMBRIDGE, US: Engineers and biologists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have teamed up to design a new “living material” — a tough, stretchy, biocompatible sheet of hydrogel injected with live cells that are genetically programmed to light up in the presence of certain chemicals. In a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers demonstrate the new material’s potential for sensing chemicals. Read More

Nutraceuticals global analysis & industry forecast for 2014-2022

report-nutraceuticalsGlobal nutraceuticals market size is expected to reach $302,306 million by 2022 from $184,092 million in 2015 with a CAGR of 7.04 percent from 2016 to 2022. The global nutraceuticals product market holds a substantial scope for growth; however, its contribution to the global market is projected to increase significantly within the next six years, according to Allied Market Research. Nutraceuticals are versatile in nature as they are used in numerous industries such as pharmaceutical food & beverages. Read More


Researchers develop new eco-friendly concrete that stores CO2

Researchers develop new eco-friendly concrete that stores CO2

rutgers-university-concrete-1NEW BRUNSWICK, US: In the future, wide-ranging composite materials are expected to be stronger, lighter, cheaper and greener for our planet, thanks to an invention by Rutgers University’s Richard Riman and another scientist. Nine years ago, Riman, a distinguished professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the School of Engineering, co-invented an energy-efficient technology that harnesses largely low-temperature, water-based reactions. Read More

Researchers develop a stretchable, thermal conductive rubber material

1-2PITTSBURGH, US: Carnegie Mellon University researchers Carmel Majidi and Jonathan Malen have developed a thermally conductive rubber material that represents a breakthrough for creating soft, stretchable machines and electronics. The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The new material, nicknamed “thubber,” is an electrically insulating composite that exhibits an unprecedented combination of metal-like thermal conductivity. Read More

Supporting Indian sugar industry to take a global leap

expert-viewpoint-sugar-1In an interview, B Shivanna, Technical Adviser, National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF) with Chemical Today magazine talks at length about the dynamics of Indian sugar industry and ways in which the industry can focus on having a stronger footprint in the world market. India is not very competitive in the International Sugar Market, as India’s competitiveness is limited due to the production of white sugar which contains sulphur and high colour. Read More

Do not eat less, eat right!

feb-cover-page-2017-1One of the changes taking place in the food & beverage (F&B) industry is that people have become more health conscious. They are not eating less but are simply eating right! More focus is being given to consuming natural ingredients in food. This has given rise to ‘clean-labels’ in the F&B industry, which is scouting for unexplored natural ingredients that can replace synthetic flavours. Demand for natural flavours is not just seen in packaged food but also in confectionery, soft drinks and oral care products. Read More

Chemical Today Magazine Subscription

Chemical Today Magazine Subscription

new_banner-copyChemical Today is a monthly magazine launched as an extension of http://www.worldofchemicals.com. Annually the magazine covers around 50 sectors in the chemical industry, focussing on 4 to 5 sectors each month. Other than the usual suspects – the Cover Story, Features, Events and Interviews, we will regularly feature Green Chemistry/Sustainability, IT In Chemicals, Automation, Logistics and Research & Development (R&D) By Youngsters.  Read More

Alkali and chlor-vinyl industry in India

international-focus-alkali-chlor-vinyl-industry-1In an interview, Anil Kumar, President, Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI) and President, DCM Shriram Ltd with Chemical Today magazine tells about the alkali and chlor-vinyl industry in India. The Indian caustic industry is a well established mature industry with a capacity of 34 lakh MTPA (caustic soda) and having a total turnover of about Rs 7,000 crores annually. The industry comprises 34 manufacturing units, provides employment to about 1.5 lakh persons. Read More

Breakthrough in producing renewable car tires from trees, grasses

university-of-minnesota-renewable-tiresMINNEAPOLIS/ST PAUL, US: A team of researchers, led by the University of Minnesota (UMN), has invented a new technology to produce automobile tires from trees and grasses in a process that could shift the tire production industry toward using renewable resources found right in our backyards. Conventional car tires are viewed as environmentally unfriendly because they are predominately made from fossil fuels. The car tires produced from biomass that includes trees. Read More

Hydrogen peroxide market explores vigorous size by 2024

hydrogen-peroxideDELAWARE, US: Rising paper & pulp industry is expected to be the major driver for global hydrogen peroxide market size in the upcoming years. Hydrogen Peroxide market is predicted to reach $6.39 billion by 2024, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights Inc. Applications for brightening of deinked papers will favour industry demand. The global paper & pulp industry was worth more than $550 billion in 2015 and will have a steady growth owing to the increasing. Read More

Green tea compound has lifesaving potential: Study

Green tea compound has lifesaving potential: Study

washington-university-green-tea-1WASHINGTON, US: A team of engineers at Washington University in St Louis (WUSTL) and with their German partners have found that a compound in green tea could have a lifesaving potential for patients with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. And who face often-fatal medical complications associated with bone marrow disorders. Jan Bieschke, assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the School of Engineering & Applied Science, studied how proteins fold and shape. Read More

Scientists develop new high-tech liquid material

anu-liquid-materials-1CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: Scientists at The Australian National University (ANU) have controlled wave-generated currents to make previously unimaginable liquid materials for new technological innovations, including techniques to manipulate microorganisms. The new kind of dynamic material could be revolutionary, similar to other materials created in recent decades that have been used for invisibility cloaking, superlenses and high-efficiency antennae. Research group leader Professor Michael. Read More

Focus on Taiwan chemical industry

international-focus-taiwan-chemical-industry-1In an interview, Bowei Lee, Chairman of Taiwan Chemical Industry Association (TCIA) and also Chairman of LCY Chemical Group with Chemical Today magazine speaks about the evolution, growth and challenges of the chemical industry in Taiwan. Taiwan’s chemical industry, especially petrochemical sector, is a backwards integrated industry, in which the fast-growing downstream business such as plastics or rubber products has supported the growing petrochemical industry since the 1970s. Read More

Focus on speciality chemicals industry in India


In an interview, Kashiprasad Murarka, President, Indian Specialty Chemical Manufacturers’ Association (ISCMA) and Chairman, Mirachem Industries with chemical toady magazine talks about the speciality chemicals market in India.  India’s speciality chemicals industry is valued at about $25 billion, has successfully delivered 13 per cent growth over the past five years, primarily led by domestic consumption. By constituting about 3 percent of the global speciality chemicals market. Read More

Making rubber sustainable

Making rubber sustainable

20140517182419360We want the best in class tyres to have the smoothest drive. But has it ever concerned you as to what happens to these tyres after it is discarded? We have to bear the burden of millions of discarded tyres dumped every year. However, more and more companies are coming up with innovative measures to lighten this burden. The robust rubber industry is driven by the ever growing tyre manufacturing across the globe. According to the Global Industry Analyst, Inc report, the global tyre market. Read More

How chemistry drives automotive success

premair-1BASF’s continued contribution to enhanced automotive technology and components engineering has been amply demonstrated in recent times. As India gears up for an exponential increase in automotive sales, lighter, more efficient and safer vehicles are needed. According to Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, India has one of lowest vehicle density at 15 cars per thousand people as compared to USA at 800, Brazil at 200, and China at 60. This indicates a quantum of growth. Read More

The ultimate in high slip and stability

crodaCroda Polymer Additives is a leading producer of organic slip and anti-block additives used to modify and enhance the properties of plastics and rubbers. Croda’s additives are designed to impart a range of effects so manufacturers can tailor both polymer processing and performance as well as improve the look of end products. Produced from natural oils and fats, Croda’s product ranges are used to solve many slip, blocking, scratch, torque and mould release problems faced by the polymer industry. Read More

Dynamics of Indian chemical industry

indian-chemical-industryChemical industry in India is a diversified industry, covering more than 80,000 commercial products. It is the mainstay of industrial and agricultural development of the country and provides building blocks for several downstream industries such as textiles, papers, paints, soaps, detergents, pharmaceuticals, varnish etc. More than 2 million people are employed in this industry. With initiatives like “Make In India” programme gaining steam, investments, innovation and infrastructure. Read More

At the helm of innovation

At the helm of innovation

songwonIn an interview, Maurizio Butti, CEO at SONGWON and Philippe Schlaepfer, EVP of Division Performance Chemicals at SONGWON with Chemical Today magazine discussed the global dynamics of various sectors where the Korea-based company plays a major role, including polymer stabilisers, PVC stabilisers, plasticisers, polyurethanes and others. The duo also spoke about the current trends across these diverse sectors. Maurizio Butti: Korean petrochemical companies. Read More

Moulding better grade rubber

pradip-majiIn an interview, Dr Pradip Maji, Assistant Professor at the Department of Polymer and Process Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee with Chemical Today magazine talks at length about the ways in which new age polymers are changing the dynamics and functioning of various industries. The rubber scientist also talks about his journey in the Indian Air Force and DRDO and his phenomenal contribution in making indigenized rubber. My research group is currently. Read More

Raising product quality to meet global expectations

rajesh-malhotraIn an interview, Rajesh Malhotra, Managing Director, Everest Group of Companies with Chemical Today magazine tells about the rising international standards, which has made it invariable for Indian companies to use modern age vacuum pumps and other equipment to make high-quality products and stand up to the global competition. Vacuum Pump industry is fast growing in India. Currently, this industry is dominated by foreign players because vacuum pumps and related technologies. Read More

Emerging applications remain major boosters for Taiwan chemical industry

273170_l_srgb_s_glA look back at Taiwan’s chemical industry reflects enormous growth over the decades. The industry is successfully foraying in diverse application areas, which will continue to boost the industry over the next few years. Experts forecast steady growth prospects for Taiwan Chemical industry. One of the oldest knowledge-based verticals, chemical industry has always been considered to underpin better living environment for humans. In fact, it is the source of raw or processing materials. Read More