More Chemistry is an online chemical portal, which holds a large database of chemicals, chemical manufacturers, chemical traders, chemical logistics services, chemical transportation, chemical packing and shipping services, great chemistry scientists and much more

We are the worlds first chemical portal to start an online chemistry newspaper which provides an every day news from chemical industries across the globe, which helps all the individuals to know more about all the latest happenings in chemical industries and also some excellent chemistry research article, now keeping chemistry is easy in your hand just subscribe to our E-newspaper and you will be sent everyday edition for free straight to your inbox, you can read them through mobile phones, Tablets, laptops, ipods anything on the go with a click of button click here to subscribe to Chemistry E-news paper

We all know that how business is important to each of us and also keep updated with all the latest happenings across the globe, so we have developed an easy way to get updated with latest chemical news, chemistry articles, chemistry journals which you can read easily using our android smartphones and tablets free app


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