Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

Maintenance is a part of corrosion management which can be minimized by using better corrosion control technologies. Almost all three technologies viz., protection by coatings, use of cathodic protection and use of chemical inhibitors are being used in chemical industry.

Be the part of Corrosion Technology Forum 2018 On June 7th and 8th in Bengaluru. Find more information of speakers here: Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

8,400 – 10,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke!

8,400 – 10,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke!

Its 8,400 -10,000 chemicals present in cigarettes. Cigarettes look deceptively simple, consisting of paper tubes containing chopped up tobacco leaf and it will deliver a steady dose of nicotine. In addition to nicotine the following components also present Tobacco blend, Paper, PVA glue and Cellulose acetate-based filter. Additives are used to make tobacco products more acceptable to the consumer. Humectants [glycol or glycerol], Cocoa solidsm Licoricem, Tobacco extracts. Some of the above components are harmless, but along with that 600 permitted additives are burned in cigarettes. Read more


Perstorp AB and 3D4Makers BV are joining forces with a new joint venture: ElogioAM, to bring new material solutions in order to advance the additive manufacturing industry. By combining the deep insights of both companies into chemicals and polymers, ElogioAM is bringing the world’s first fifth-generation 3D filament, Facilan, which enables applications previously unobtainable with other 3D printing materials. ElogioAM will be based in the Netherlands, Haarlem. ElogioAM aims to enable true deployment of additive manufacturing capability for medical, fashion, orthotics, advanced prototyping, modelling, demanding industry and consumer markets. Read more


BASF SE said that it will present a broad portfolio of polyurethanes systemsbasic products and intermediate, focusing on an intensive exchange on the current market situation. With numerous innovations and further developments in the field of polyurethanes, the company will present:  SLENTITE: high-performance insulation for future-oriented construction. Scarce and expensive living space, high demand for renovation of old buildings and the urgent task of conserving resources make it necessary to search for new solutions and materials. SLENTITE, the organic aerogel, which is produced as a robust panel, offers possible solutions. Read more


KWS Saat SE, one of the world’s leading plant breeding companies has issued a non-binding offer to Bayer AG for its global vegetable seed business, operating under the global trademark Nunhem. KWS is thus renewing a non-binding bid it made in January 2018 and is offering Bayer and its shareholders’ attractive terms and conditions for the sale of the vegetable seed business. In order to complete the transaction with Monsanto, Bayer AG had assured the antitrust authorities that it would sell crop science businesses, including its vegetable seed business.  If Nunhems were acquired by KWS, the agricultural sector, farmers and consumers alike would benefit from the sale to an independent seed company without an agrochemicals division. Read more


Oxea completes new propanol unit in Bay City, Texas

Oxea said that its new world-scale propanol production unit at Bay City site in Texas, US, is mechanically complete. The new facility propanol 2 is now being commissioned and is scheduled for commercial production in the third quarter of 2018. With a nameplate capacity of 100,000 mt per annum of n-propanol, propanol 2 is currently one of Oxea’s largest investment projects. Utilizing Oxea’s advanced proprietary process technology and its comprehensive process know-how, process stability in the new unit will be improved, achieving an even higher product quality. Read more


Brunei, the largest shareholder in Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC), has agreed to sell a 37 percent stake to India’s two largest importers and producers of fertilisers in a deal worth around $130 million, the Amman stock exchange said. Indian Potash Limited and Kisan International Trading FZE, a subsidiary of Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO), bought the stake in Jordan’s largest mining and chemical company from Kamil Holdings Limited, owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, the exchange said in a statement. Read more


Gazprom and Sibur have signed a long-term agreement on ethane fraction supplies. The agreement was signed by Valery Golubev, deputy chairman of Gazprom’s management committee and Dmitry Konov, chairman of Sibur’s management board. The document provides more details on the basic terms and conditions of a previously signed preliminary agreement for the future 20-year ethane fraction supplies from Gazprom’s Amur gas processing plant (GPP) to Sibur’s Amur gas chemical complex (GCC). In particular, the document specifies the volume (ca.2 mtpa), the pricing formula and the Parties’ responsibility for ensuring stable supplies and feedstock reception. Read more


Honeywell (HON) said that IRPC PLC will use a range of advanced process technologies from Honeywell UOP for a new aromatics complex in Thailand’s Rayong Province. As part of the project, Honeywell UOP will provide licensing, design, key equipment and state-of-the-art catalysts and adsorbents. When completed in 2022, the complex will produce 1.2 million metric tons per year of paraxylene used to make plastic resins, films and fibres. It also will increase its benzene production capacity from 114,000 to 495,000 tons per year. Benzene is a fuel additive and ingredient in plastics, lubricants, rubber, dyes and detergents. Read more

Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

A two-day conclave on Corrosion Technology Forum, will focus on corrosion problems in chemical & process industry by galaxy of national & international experts, organized by & the society for surface protective coatings India. Connect with industry stalwarts as we discuss corrosion prevention opportunities in the four major industries across geographies.

Find more information here: Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

Total to buy 10 pc stake in Arctic LNG 2 project from Novatek

Total SA has signed an agreement with Novatek to acquire a direct working interest of 10 percent in Arctic LNG 2, a giant liquefied natural gas project lead by Novatek. The project is located on the Gydan Peninsula in the north of Siberia. Taking account of Total’s approximate 19 percent stake in Novatek and Novatek’s intention to retain 60 percent of the project, the group’s overall economic interest in this new LNG project will be approximately 21.5 percent. If Novatek decides to reduce its participation below 60 percent, Total will have the possibility to increase its direct share up to 15 percent. Read more


Reliance Industries (RIL) has received environment clearance for the expansion and optimization of its petrochemical complex at Nagothane, Maharashtra at an estimated cost of Rs 2,338 crore. “The environment clearance has been given to the RIL’s expansion and debottlenecking of petrochemical project at Nagothane,” a senior Environment Ministry official said. The approval, given based on the recommendations of an expert panel, is subject to compliance of certain conditions, the official said. The proposal is to expand the gas cracker and downstream plants located at Nagothane village in Raigad district by way of debottlenecking, expansion. Read more


Invista said that it is entering the final design phase for a $250 million project at its Victoria site. To upgrade its manufacturing technology and increase production of adiponitrile (ADN), a key ingredient for nylon 6,6 fibers and plastics. Construction for the project is slated to get underway in the first quarter of 2019. The new technology, developed and in use at the Invista facility in Orange, Texas, brings improved product yields, reduced energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced process stability and reduced capital intensity, compared to existing technologies. Read more


Shell Offshore Inc (Shell) announced a large, deep-water, exploration discovery in the Norphlet geologic play in the US Gulf of Mexico with its Dover well (100 percent Shell). The Dover discovery is Shell’s sixth in the Norphlet and encountered more than 800 net feet of pay (244 meters). The discovery is located approximately 13 miles from the Appomattox host and is considered an attractive potential tieback. Shell’s Appomattox host has now arrived on location in the US Gulf of Mexico and is expected to start production before the end of 2019. The well was drilled in Mississippi Canyon Block 612, located approximately 170 miles (273 kilometres) offshore southeast of New Orleans. Read more

Clariant supplies powder pigments for seed colouring in China

Clariant has launched a full range of Agrocer seed colourants in China. Agrocer colourants are available in both powder and pigment paste formats, including the six most common colours, and have passed the seed safety test. Agrocer pigment paste is an aqueous dispersion based on six Agrocer pigments. Compared to powdered pigments, Agrocer pigment pastes can provide agrochemicals, seed and seed processing companies with safety-standard solutions that meet their goal of producing superior high-value products, ultimately achieving higher productivity and lower production costs. Read more


Aquafil SpA, a chemical manufacturing company and Genomatica announced the formation of Project Effective, a multi-company collaboration to produce more sustainable fibres and plastics. For the commercial use by using renewable feedstocks and bio-based technologies. With participation from 12 companies, including brands like H&M, Carvico, Vaude and Balsan, Project Effective is one of the broadest industrial-driven efforts to reshape entire product value chains and drive economic growth. One of the key objectives of Project Effective is to develop a more sustainable nylon, made from bio-based caprolactam produced using renewable feedstocks. Read more


The Dow Chemical Company has officially opened its new Eastern Canada Regional Sales Center in Toronto. The sales centre will serve as a strategic commercial hub for Dow in Eastern Canada, improving Dow’s customer experience and helping foster co-innovation with customers during a time when the Canadian economy is rapidly expanding. To support this growth, Dow aims to add new commercial positions in the region over the next several months. “This facility is a declaration of our ambition to lead with innovation and collaboration to shape the most innovative, customer-centric, Read more


Total SA, Borealis AG and Nova Chemicals Corporation have closed a joint venture in petrochemicals on the US Gulf Coast after receiving all required regulatory approvals. The company named Bayport Polymers LLC (Bay-Pol) is 50 percent owned by Total and 50 percent owned by Novealis Holdings LLC, a joint venture between Borealis and Nova Chemicals. Diane Chamberlain is appointed President of the new entity. The Bay-Pol joint venture includes: the under-construction 1Mt/y ethane steam cracker in Port Arthur, Texa, Total’s existing polyethylene 400 kt/y facility in Bayport, Texas. Read more



Corrosion Technology Forum 2018

Corrosion Technology Forum 2018 will be addressing about the Corrosion issues associated with the Chemicals and Process Industry, Chemical Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Automobiles, Aerospace and infrastructure. A panel of national and international experts will be joining to address about corrosion prevention methodologies for various industries for increasing the productivity of chemical plants. Be a part of the event to be aware of various trends to fight against corrosion. Get connected with industry stalwarts to discuss corrosion prevention opportunities in various industries across geographies.

Be a part of WorldofChemicals’ “Corrosion Technology Forum” on June 7 and 8 in Bengaluru.
Find more information about the speakers here: Corrosion Technology Forum 2018